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What is in your water?

Your tap water, spring water, or your favorite bottled water are defined by the location of where that water came from. The terroir of water is much like that of the coffee bean, where the soil type, rainfall, and solar intensity change the flavor of the coffee; the flavor of water comes from subterranean minerals like dolomite, halite and limestone. Now add the difficulty to create potable water and your tap water consists of varying amounts of allowable contaminants. 

The occurrences of varying minerals and allowable contaminants vary across the globe, explain the variation in drinking water from city to city affecting the flavor of your coffee.

What should be in my water?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) defines guidelines for water to achieve optimum brewing results for your coffee. The problem is that most people don't know what to do with these guidelines. To create water like the SCA suggests requires understanding your current water profile in order to define specific filtration techniques, but there is still another problem: you are limited to the minerals you start with. This is why we developed the Third Wave Water (TWW) capsule. 

Now you can achieve the SCA recommended guidelines while adding the missing minerals essential for the ultimate coffee experience. Start with a gallon of either distilled water or water from a reverse osmosis (RO) system, then add the TWW re-mineralization capsule to blend in the perfect amount of calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Whether you are brewing that perfect cup in your fortress of solitude or visiting your cousin Eddy for Christmas, your favorite third wave coffee will taste its best when brewed with the patent pending Third Wave Water mineral blend.

1 Gallon - Classic Profile - Classic Profile

You are moments away from perfect coffee water. Just add one capsule to a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water.  Your coffee has never tasted so good. This is a pre-production sample. By ordering you are helping us work out all the kinks in the process before we go live with production. 

Receive 10 capsules. Each capsule treats 1 gallon of distilled (or RO) water.

NOTE: Capsules are currently shipped in bags. Boxes were used for the first deliveries only.

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We were shocked with your quality. Your water allowed the sweetness and aftertaste to shine more than our commercial setup.”
— Mark (head roaster • Onyx coffee lab)
It is great! I’ve tried it with two different brew methods so far (French Press and Aeropress), and I’m impressed by the difference in quality... Exited to make even better tasting coffee at home!
— @court_climbs

Stop brewing your coffee with tap water, like some savage
— Eater

Our Story

The idea of Third Wave Water came about like many other great ideas, over food and beer. Charles and Taylor were grabbing a bite to eat after Taylor had just installed a cold brew tap for Charles at a local office co-share. As they discussed the state of the coffee industry the topic drifted toward water quality and Taylor's new variable TDS water filtration system. Charles was looking for a way to help his customers obtain perfect brewing water and was even considering mailing bottled brewing water. That's when the idea of "dehydrated water" sounded possible.

Taylor went to his lab, made up a few vials for Charles to try out and the rest is history. Now anyone can have perfect coffee water anywhere. Third Wave Water was made by coffee people for coffee people. 

Taylor Minor

Taylor started Telemetry Coffee Roasters (formerly Stoney Creek Roasters) in 2008. Over the years, his love for people, coffee, and technology has given him numerous unique opportunities.  In 2013 these passions collided when the cafe was featured in the Wall Street Journal as an early adopter of crypto-currency.  

Whether he is rebuilding a vintage Ambex roaster, creating a custom, semi-volumetric Nuova Simonelli or designing a variable TDS filtration system, Taylor enjoys leaving his unique style on projects. If you visit Telemetry, you may find him in his lab, perched over a microscope, looking for the next project his passions will take him. 

Charles Nick

Charles is passionate about entrepreneurship, aviation and coffee. He has enjoyed working for many great organizations including: NASA, Boeing, Learjet, Gulfstream, the US Air Force, The Spaceship Company, the Aerion Corporation and more.

In 2014, he created Douvalis Labs as a think tank after studying lean business principles. In 2015 he created The Wright Cup with a mission to help you discover the freshly roasted coffee from the amazing top 10 coffee state of Ohio. And in 2016 he co-founded Third Wave Water with Taylor to help fix the water issue facing coffee today.

You will find him participating in the local startup scene in Dayton, Ohio, performing research in the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry for the FAA, or working on revolutionary projects like Third Wave Water.